Residential Riding Mowers Standard


Sloan's Sales & Service
1005 N. Bridge St.
Linden, MI

Service Description

For mowers in good running order.

  1. Check Spark and Compression
  2. Change Oil and Oil Filter(if equipped)
  3. Install new Spark Plug(s)
  4. Install new Air Filter(s)
  5. Install new Fuel Filter
  6. Check Fuel Lines
  7.  Check Choke is setting properly
  8. Sharpen and Balance Blade(s) *Replace if necessary at additional cost
  9. Grease all points
  10. Check Belts and Pulleys on Deck and Drive
  11. Check Spindles
  12. Check Steering Shaft
  13. Check Drag Links
  14. Check Tie Rods
  15. Check Front Axle
  16. Check Front Wheel Bushings
  17. Check and Adjust Tire Pressure
  18. Check Battery
  19. Check Charging System for Correct Output
  20. Level Mower Deck
  21. Check Safety Switches for Correct Operation
  22. Test Run Unit
  23. Pressure Wash
  24. Give estimate on all repairs as needs

We are proud to service what we sell! Our highly trained service technicians can fix and maintain all of your outdoor power equipment. We strive to maintain the highest certifications available, including Stihl MasterWrench & Briggs & Stratton Master Service Technician. You can rest assured your equipment is in good hands.

Regular maintenance is the key to the longevity of your equipment. We suggest an annual maintenance program for each piece of equipment.